Spring mini sessions

"Flower power"
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Spring’2024, Vancouver, BC

Portraits in studio garden

Our studio sessions provide a controlled and comfortable environment, with access to a variety of backdrops and props to create the perfect setting for your photos.

Dreamy pictures outdoors

If you prefer the beauty of the great outdoors, our studio garden is the perfect setting for your photos. Our outdoor sessions are available in the same three packages as our studio sessions, and provide a natural and serene backdrop for your images.

Creative Portraits

Our studio and outdoor settings offer a variety of backdrops and props to create the perfect setting for your mini session. And of course, our signature “Flower Power” theme means that you’ll have plenty of beautiful blooms and colors to work with.

Experience photo session

In a blooming Studio Garden
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Your Experience

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Book your session now to secure your preferred date and time. With our live calendar feature, you can conveniently view available slots and choose the option that best suits your schedule. Don’t delay, as popular dates tend to fill up quickly. 


Creative photoshoot

Our photoshoot experience offers more than just capturing beautiful moments – we go the extra mile to make it truly memorable. We provide a range of dresses and unique props to add a touch of magic to your session. With engaging activities for kids, we ensure their interest and participation. Immerse yourself in the private garden atmosphere, accompanied by pleasant music and refreshing treats, as we create stunning memories together.

See images in 7 days

We understand the excitement of receiving your images, which is why we guarantee a swift delivery within 7 days through our convenient online gallery and app. In the rare event that we don’t meet this timeframe, we offer a money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Storyteller Collections

Spring is the perfect time to capture the essence of beauty and life through professional photography sessions. In our “Flower Power” themed photoshoots, families can come together to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day and capture unforgettable moments in a stunning floral setting.

With a combination of real and artificial flowers, our sessions are designed to highlight the beauty of nature. Pink and light purple hues dominate the garden, providing the perfect backdrop for your family’s photos. The Studio Garden is filled with blooming flowers, creating a magical and whimsical atmosphere.

Mini Story

20 min
5 images
1 outfit
1 location

Quick and easy session that captures the happiness and joy of spring blooms. It’s a great option for clients who want to capture a specific moment or occasion, such as a birthday or engagement.

MiDi Story

40 min
7 images
1-2 outfits
2 locations

For those who want a more comprehensive photoshoot with various locations, the session hits the sweet spot between being too short and too long. It’s a great option for clients who want to capture a variety of shots and poses without spending too much time on the session.

Maxi story

60 min
10 images
2-3 outfits
3 locations

The session that fully immerses the client in the beauty of blossoming flowers. It’s a great option for clients who want a comprehensive and extensive photography experience.

outfit inspiration

Pastel tones

Pastel tones, such as soft pinks, lilacs, and blues, can create a beautiful and harmonious contrast with the vibrant and colorful blooms and petals in your photos. They also have a delicate and feminine quality that works well with the romantic and whimsical feel of a springtime photoshoot.

Outfit Inspiration

Purple tones

When it comes to creating a stunning and cohesive look for your “Flower Power” photoshoot, purple is an excellent color choice to consider. Purple is a color that is associated with creativity, luxury, and sophistication, making it a great choice for those who want to add an element of elegance to their photos.

In addition, purple tones work well with pink blossoms and petals that are often found in the springtime. These colors create a beautiful and harmonious contrast that is pleasing to the eye and creates a visually stunning effect in your photos. The softness and femininity of pink, combined with the richness and depth of purple, make for a beautiful combination that is perfect for a spring photoshoot.

Outfit Inspiration


Green is a natural choice for a spring photoshoot as it represents growth, renewal, and fresh beginnings. It is also associated with nature and the outdoors, making it a perfect complement for a photoshoot set against a backdrop of blooming flowers or lush foliage. In fashion, green can add a pop of color without being too bold, making it a versatile and flattering choice for a range of skin tones.

Outfit Inspiration


Blue is another great choice for a spring photoshoot as it represents calmness, serenity, and tranquility. It is also a versatile and universally flattering color that can complement a variety of skin tones and hair colors. Blue can also create a beautiful contrast with the bright and vibrant colors of spring blooms, creating a visually stunning effect in your photos.

Flower Power

The theme of “Flower Power” is inspired by the natural beauty and resilience of flowers. Like flowers, we believe that every individual has their own unique beauty and strength, and we want to capture that essence in our photos. Through these sessions, we aim to help you embrace and celebrate your individuality, to feel confident and empowered in front of the camera, and to create timeless portraits that showcase your unique personality and style.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to capture beautiful and timeless portraits of yourself or your family, our “Flower Power” sessions are the perfect opportunity to feel empowered, confident, and beautiful. Book your session today and let us help you celebrate your unique beauty and strength.

Kristina Vanagaite