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I recently gave birth to twins, and my husband and I were looking for a photographer that would be able to capture perfectly the magic of this moment in our lives. We were absolutely delighted to have been blessed with finding Kristina who took us all on a wonderful journey of fantasy and glamour to capture the finest photographs imaginable.

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Kristina is truly a one of a kind photographer. I had my maternity pictures taken by her and it was the best experience ever, she was professional and had a warm personality which made me feel at ease. You can see how much passion and love she puts in to her work. I understood then that Kristina will be the one taking pictures of my newborn. Very recently we had our third photoshoot of my dear son. So there she was again looking through the lens capturing memories. It is truly worth saying: Thank you for creating magical stories…

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The most beautiful picture in my eyes is Mum holding her baby. I would do everything that you have one, even is not so easy to get it sometimes.
Newborn baby photography became so popular because of their beautiful poses while their are sleeping. But how to ensure that baby would sleep during the session?
The key points for successful Newborn session are:
– Morning 
– Heath
To achieve the most beautiful results in Newborn posing I always start Newborn sessions at 9 A.M., as usually babies are not so sleepy at night and the sweetest sleep comes in the early morning.
The comfortable temperature for naked baby to sleep is approx 28C. For parents usually is hot. Be dressed as in summer time.
Newborn session may take up to 4 hours. Be flexible to stay as long as we need that day.
More tips will be provided before the session.

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Think about your interior and you will know your favorite colors.
We have beautiful collection of handmade wardrobe for your baby, dresses for mums and older sisters. Only one thing we will need to talk about is the matching colors in your interior, that image we created would become a perfect art for your walls.

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At the moment Newborn sessions available at your home. Beautifully renovated studio in Coquitlam will open the doors from October, 2018.
 Please contact me to check travel charges to your location.

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Newborn photo collections starts from $700.
Please contact for detailed session guide.

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You don’t need to book the exact date, as we don’t know exactly when baby will arrive. But I would highly recommend to make a provisional booking of £50 deposit to ensure that I have time to capture your beauty in first 14 days of your child.
First two weeks of your baby is a golden time range in Newborn photography. For all provisional bookings I hold space before and after your DUE DATE, so I can ensure that your baby will be photographed in first 2 weeks no matter when he arrives.
If your baby is older than two weeks – it does’t mean you are too late. It is just a different kind of photography. Maybe less sleepy, but I would definitely find the way how to show your connection with son or daughter in the most beautiful way.
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You can’t find what you are looking for? I’m here for you.
Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00 VANCOUVER TIME

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