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Newborn Art Photography Workshop UK - Award Winning Maternity Photographer Vancouver, BC | Canada
Maternity Photographer Vancouver, Maternity Photography Vancouver, Newborn Photographer Vancouver, Family Photographer Vancouver
Maternity Photographer Vancouver, Maternity Photography Vancouver, Newborn Photographer Vancouver, Family Photographer Vancouver
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Very valuable workshop! ❤  I’ve got much more than I expected! So many practical advices during one day! Kristina is a professional in newborn posing and explains all tips & tricks perfectly. After this workshop everything became so clear! Things that I thought are so difficuilt at the beginning became so easy. Of course you need to practice, practice, practice and you still make a mistakes at the beginning, but what I love the most, Kristina even after the workshop keep helping and tells what you could do better and how to improve for the next time. Thank you Kristina for that!
Renata, Photo Note 

Kristina became popular among her clients particularly with the newborn photography. And with the very first steps of her son, she started to follow him everywhere with the camera and photography style moved more to outdoor environment. Since her third year of photography business Kristina receiving prestigious awards in various conventions and magazines:


3 awards out of 4 in 2015 at the “The Newborn Photography Show”. She was nominated as the best in Child and Maternity categories and became Overall Photographer of the Year.

Photographer of the Year 2016 in “Bump to Baby” category at the largest photography convention in Europe, organised by SWPP – Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers.

Best Family Photographer in Surrey 2017 nominated in glamorous awards by LUX magazine.


Works by Kristina were published in various digital magazines dedicated to photographs such as Inspire Digital or Not Fine Art Magazine , The Imaginarium, This Magazine, Professional Photographers, Photographers AbodeYour mood photo, Fotoluby HIT, ARTFreeLife.




Let’s spend the whole Saturday together and go in to world of newborn photography. During the workshop I will show you step by step how to do easy transitions between poses keeping baby sleeping, how to pose on belly that baby face would be clear visible and his little tiny hands and legs would be placed in cute and the most comfortable way.


As well I will encourage photographers to create more images with the parents. These images are always clients favorites and the most important they show a connection between the whole family. I will show how to pose newborn in mums arms in the most beautiful way and I believe many of you would be interested to create together mum with the baby laying in the nest.


 It is opportunity to enrich your portfolio as well. All images that you will take during the workshop, you are welcome to publish by tagging  Lovespired by Mums as the organiser.




There will be a need of wide lens, like 35 mm. As well 50 mm lens is recommended.


– Preparation steps
– Settling the newborn
– The way of holding newborn to keep him sleepy while you are posing
– Workflow of posing and easy transitions between poses
– Photography angles (very important part specially in newborn photography)
– Posing with the mum
– Photography using natural day light
– Photography using studio light



 14:00 – 18:00
You can bring your laptops if you would like, but is highly recommended just to do notes instead of trying to retouch and listen at the same time.


– Fixing the background (blankets, backdrops)
– Skin retouching
– Adjusting skin tones (yellow, reds, blues)
– Painting with the light  (more effective than Dodge&Burn)
– Working with the colours
– Easy way of adding different background
– Adding textures
– What actions it is worth to have and how to create them by yourself?
– Preparation for print
– Saving for web
– How to get recommendations



September 24th, 9:00-18:00, at Tiny Posers Studio, CM13 2LP
Secure your place with the reservation fee of just £100


Reservation fee is not refundable, but it can be sold by you to another person or you can move it for another workshop on next the available date.
Beside the knowledge and experience you will get during the workshop, coffee and refreshments are included. As well you will be added to the closed group on Facebook where you can get onwards support.
If you are interested to attend in outdoor photography workshop as well, 10% discount is available for both workshops. More information about outdoor photography workshop please find here.
Newborn Art in group up to 5 photographers - £340


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Individual 1:1 Mentoring at your convenient time - £450

Quantity left: 1

Individual retouching lesson ONLINE - £85 for the 1st hour, £55 for the next one

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It’s my privilege to be part of your photography journey.
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