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Mommy & Me MINI sessions
Mother’s day 2024, Vancouver, BC


As Mother’s Day draws near, I want to take a moment to celebrate you—the heart and soul of your family, and the true superhero in your little one’s life. From the moment you embraced the journey of motherhood, you’ve shown incredible strength, compassion, and unconditional love.




This Mother’s Day, I invite you to join us for a special Family Mini Session, designed to honor the beautiful bond between you and your children. It’s a chance to capture those precious moments that define your role as a mom—the laughter, the hugs, and the endless love you pour into your family every day



And you know what? Your other family members are more than welcome to join in the celebration with our second and third package options. Because this isn’t just about capturing pictures—it’s about cherishing the moments that make you the amazing mom you are.


Being a mom is a love story that never ends.
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Creative photoshoot

Our photoshoot experience offers more than just capturing beautiful moments – we go the extra mile to make it truly memorable. We provide a range of dresses and unique props to add a touch of magic to your session. With engaging activities for kids, we ensure their interest and participation. Immerse yourself in the private garden atmosphere, accompanied by pleasant music and refreshing treats, as we create stunning memories together.

See images in 7 days

We understand the excitement of receiving your images, which is why we guarantee a swift delivery within 7 days through our convenient online gallery and app. In the rare event that we don’t meet this timeframe, we offer a money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Storyteller Collections

Welcome to our Family Mini Sessions, set to launch this February and continuing through spring, just in time for Mother’s Day celebrations in May. Join us for elegant, timeless mommy and me portraits or a captivating family story session, allowing for more time, more pictures, and more memories. Capture the love, laughter, and endless joy of your unique family journey in a session tailored to celebrate this special bond.

Mini Story

This special plackage is designed for moms and their children, offering 20 minutes of quality time to capture those precious moments between just you and your little ones. It’s a chance to embrace the bond between mother and child and create memories that will last a lifetime.

20 min
5 images
1 outfit
1 setup

MiDi Story

Dive deeper into the heart of family with our 40-minute session. Laugh, play, and cuddle as we capture the love and connection that binds your family together. Whether it’s the whole family or just a few of your favorite people, this package is perfect for creating memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

40 min
7 images
1-2 outfits
2 setups

Maxi story

Our Family Story package is more than just a photoshoot—it’s a celebration of the love that defines your family. Spend an hour with us creating memories that will last a lifetime.

60 min
10 images
2-3 outfits
3 setups